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Worksite International is Ergonomics!
At Worksite International Inc.,we define ergonomics as the relationship between you and your work environment that includes the tools and materials you handle, the tasks that you perform and the environment you perform it in whether at work or home.
Ergonomics is a human-centered system that impacts all that we do. The system can be between the individual and their workstation or at a much higher organizational level (macro-ergonomics).
We use ergonomics as a medium to drive change in how we work so that it positively impacts our health, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness and ultimately our quality of life.

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Worksite International

Worksite International, Inc., is a professional corporation that values work as an essential element in our lives and our communities. We provide leading-edge work health management services to employers, physicians, and insurers with the goal of keeping employees healthy and productive at work. We work with employers through the continuum of work health care to maximize employee health, well-being and productivity while helping achieve legal and regulatory compliance.
Our expertise lies in our ability to analyze how people work and improve on it. We offer a full line of services that spans across the continuum of work health to offer a total solution from prevention and wellness to occupational and non-occupational injury management to difficult disability and lost time cases impacted by the ADA.
Worksite International’s focus on preserving employability through an integrated approach to wellness, ergonomics and disability management makes us unique in the marketplace. We work with you to improve your organization’s human asset performance by framing problems and issues, gaining the trust of your employees through participation and creating innovative, quality driven, cost-effective management solutions to maximize employee performance, health and wellness.

Worksite International, Inc.

Our Services



Worksite International, Inc.

Our premise is simple: Prevent the onset of injury, illness and disability in the workplace whenever possible. Through prevention comes preservation of work and all that it offers.
We do this by offering our clients a robust service line that integrates the value of ergonomics into all we do from encouraging early reporting of signs and symptoms, to identifying the risk factors that lead to repetitive motion and other musculoskeletal injuries to identifying reasonable accommodations so employees can return or remain productive despite their impairment. Our services span the continuum of care to prevent, manage and resolve to the extent feasible the conditions that lead to injury, illness and disability at work.

Wellness Initiatives

Employee wellness and wellbeing are an essential component of a healthy and productive workplace. Studies show when your employees are healthy and happy, your organization will be more profitable. Implementing a variety of Worksite Wellness Strategies helps keep your employees productive and effective at work with reduced absence.

Injury Prevention Services

It is said that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. In today’s technology, you need more than an “apple” to keep employees healthy and free from injury at work. Our full line of ergonomic Worksite analysis services gives you the edge you need in preventing workplace injuries, repetitive motion or material handling type while achieving compliance with appropriate state and federal laws. Worksite International has pioneered ergonomic Worksite analysis (EWA) services in the bay area since our inception in 1993.

Worker's Compensation Service

Don’t send injured workers back to work without changing how and where they work first. Our workers’ compensation management services are designed to offer you a distinct advantage in minimizing medical costs and excessive, lost time claims while assisting in closing your claims sooner with good resolution. Ergonomics is an essential part of the work injury management process and is sited in the ACOEM guidelines as an approved treatment strategy. Be sure you, your adjusters and your physicians are including ergonomic analysis in the management of your work-related musculoskeletal disorder claims.

Disability Management (ADA)

Our Disability Management programs are designed to assure you compliance with the ADA, EEOC, DOJ and FEHA. We help you and your employees through the Interactive Process in a fair and just way by identifying work methods, tools and other strategies to achieve essential functions whenever possible. Through our exclusive ADA Reasonable Accommodation assessment, we have helped our clients achieve Title I compliance since 1993 by identifying appropriate solutions to keep employees with physical impairments at work performing their essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations. Our medical-legal reports are defensible in court, if needed. In addition, we offer assistance with Title III Accessibility audits and studies to assure equal access for all.

Employee and Management Training Programs

Training is a fundamental component in any workplace injury prevention and management program. You can’t hold your employees, supervisors and managers accountable if you don’t train them in safe work practices and their expected performance. Safety doesn’t need to happen by accident; offering training in office ergonomics, lab ergonomics, back safety and other areas gives employees an opportunity to self-correct their behavior when possible. Training and education provides the foundation for safe work practices and discussion to drive change in the organization. We offer customized training in many areas to address your ergonomics, workers’ compensation and disability management needs.

Licenses, Software and Other Products

Over the years, we have created valid tools, techniques and systems that help our clients “do it themselves”. From our chair quality and competency program to our self-assessment software to our nationally and internationally recognized WIEP Start-Up system, we have the tools to help you effectively develop and manage ergonomics in your workplace achieving substantial return on investment over time.

Worksite International, Inc.

Our Results

Worksite International, Inc.

Worksite International, Inc. is results-oriented and outcome driven. We are one of the few national ergonomics and disability management consulting companies that can actually report on the value of our programs and services. Our research on the use of our Worksite International Ergonomics Process Design and Management process has been accepted and presented nationally and internationally since 1996.
Here are just a few ways that our services have paid off for our clients.

Need a Speaker


Worksite International, Inc.

Alison Heller-Ono is President/CEO of Worksite International, Inc. and principal consultant since 1993. Worksite International Inc. offers clients total absence management services by utilizing a process approach as a fundamental part of keeping and returning workers to full productivity following lost time due to injury or illness.
Alison Heller-Ono is uniquely qualified to help employers save millions in reducing absence and lost productivity. Alison is a veteran physical therapist, possesses 2 board certifications in Ergonomics (CPE and CIE) and is dually credentialed in Disability Management (CPDM, CDA). She is also a Certified Management Consultant through the IMC.

As a professional speaker (and trainer), Ms. Heller-Ono presents via the internet, nationally and internationally on ergonomics, injury prevention, workers’ compensation management strategies, and disability management. Alison is available for keynote presentations, symposiums, speaker panels, webinars and other events to offer your audience a unique perspective on how we work in today’s global economy.
Call 831-648-8724 to learn more or contact Alison at alisonh@worksiteinternational.com

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