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Referral Instructions

To refer an employee for an Ergonomic Worksite Analysis (EWA), please complete the EWA request form entirely and submit to Worksite International. We will contact you within 24 hours once we receive your referral to set up your site visit date with the employee and supervisor. Be sure to select who to send report and invoice to. Once our ergonomic analysis is complete, we will forward the report to all individuals checked on this form. Our reports typically take 7‐10 work days unless you request it as a “rush”.
For questions or additional support, please call us at: 831‐648‐8724 or 888-288-4463; email us at info@worksiteinternational.comor visit

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Initial Ergo Eval (IES)
Ergonomic Chair Fitting Evaluation
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Match Job Function to Ability
Job Analysis/Physical Demands
Home Office Evalution
ADA Reasonable Accommodation (Interactive Process)
Follow up visit (prior eval)

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