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At Worksite International Inc., we provide our clients with leading edge ergonomics consultation, ergonomic evaluations and ergonomics training across all industries. Our focus is on the individual, the organization and the work environment to assure the best match and fit for maximum performance.

Alison Heller-Ono, President/CEO and Senior Ergonomics Consultant (PT, CPE) works alongside clients to use ergonomics as a medium to drive change within their organization to positively impact employee health, comfort, productivity, and ultimately work-life quality.

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This section contains Worksite International copyrighted educational resources, documents and forms you can use with your inhouse ergonomics training and evaluation programs. To access the copyrighted resources, register and we’ll send you permission to use our library of proven educational tools.

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Alison Heller-Ono is a writer, author and entrepreneur in the field of ergonomics, workers’ compensation and disability accommodation. She has written WIN NEWS blog, various books and articles over the last two decades compelling audiences to work safely by implementing the alternative methods and strategies available through Worksite International Inc. Access her copyrighted publications, including Alison’s latest eBook, white papers and published articles.

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Our Member Portal is designed for our Worksite International Network (WIN) members who have purchased our online programs including our web-based self-assessment tool (JES) and the Worksite International Ergonomics Process (WIEP) tools and forms. A user name and password is required to access this information.

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