Worksite International, Inc.

Legacy Ergonomics

The Legacy Ergonomics Mentorship Program (LEMP) is 16 weeks of unlimited access to me by e-mail, and phone. Once a week we schedule a video chat room for 40 minutes. We can meet in person one time a month for one hour, if convenient for both of us (in the SF Bay Area). I help people by closely guiding them on their goals including improving ergonomics consulting practices, evaluation formats, writing a good technical report and solving challenging ergonomic questions.

Legacy Ergonomics Mentorship Program includes:

A 16-week engagement
Creation of skills objectives and goal setting
Metrics for success
Deadlines, timelines, and accountabilities
Mandatory weekly phone calls (video chat)
Personal meetings as desired and we deem appropriate*
Unlimited email
Unlimited review of work relevant to your goals
Unlimited additional phone calls

We also cover business issues i.e. strategically (how to set fees, how to gain visibility, how to position your business in the marketplace, how to write a good proposal etc.), and tactically (what to say at the meeting tomorrow, critiquing proposals, overcoming objections, etc.).

All activities and conversations are confidential and based on a trusted professional relationship between you and me. This is essential given the nature of our businesses and the desire to share and grow without compromising the integrity of our relationship and the relationship we each have with our clients and professional development goals.

The onus is on you to initiate contact with me as your mentor and coach. You may start at any time. There are no “breaks” or “freezes” unless we agree on one. The program is ongoing for the 4 months. We will be in contact weekly. Or, at least, I will!

Your Investment

The greatest investment you’ll make here is your commitment to respond to someone who is helping you to drive your progress, and to incorporate the needed actions into your life.

This is a unique opportunity to invest in yourself and your business. You will recoup this in knowledge, confidence, opening your pipeline of business and closing more business.

If you are interested to be mentored by me where I share with you almost all my business secrets, savvy and experiences I’v accrued over 25 years as an ergonomics professional, then register below. Admission is limited. If there are no openings there is a “first come, first serve” waiting list.