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"Ergonomics Process"

The Worksite International Ergonomics Process (WIEP) is a proven prevention and workers’ compensation management strategy effectively minimizing your musculoskeletal claims over time.

We provide you with our startup consultation and tool kit which includes a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the WIEP to develop and manage your ergonomics process. All tools and forms are downloaded from our website to yours for immediate access.

Our consultants can provide onsite consultation to guide and direct you and your team on how to best get started and be available monthly for additional mentoring, training, evaluation and support.
If you are interested to launch an ergonomics process at your workplace:

Contact us
• at 888-288-4463
email us
• set up an appointment using our online calendar (popup below).

You can learn more at our Ergonomics Programs page.

Worksite International, Inc.

JES - Job Evaluation Suite

The Job Evaluation Suite (JES) is a web–based risk assessment and training tool. Our online program allows your employees to evaluate their workstations and/or tasks performed to identify areas of high risk. Whether employees work in the office, perform material handling tasks or assembly tasks, this system gives vital information as to what the primary concerns are in the workplace in a systematic and comprehensive way.
To learn more about JES, watch this presentation.

If you are using JES, click the secure login using the user name and password provided to take the survey. Be sure to save your results when finished. For problems or assistance, call 831-648-8724 or Learn more about the JES product.