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“When a Chair is on its Last Legs”
A Prospective Study of a Macro-ergonomics Process - over Five Years Demonstrates Significant Prevention of Workers’ Compensation Claims Resulting in Projected Savings
PT as Ergonomist: a model for 21st century healthcare
21st Century Ergonomics: A Lean Approach to Ergonomics Process Design and Management
A Lean Approach to Ergonomics Process Design and Management
WINforma: Worksite International Newsletter
Ergonomic Analysis Comparison of the VITEK® 2 and VITEK® 2: Compact with the Microscan WalkAway® 96 and Phoenix™ For Work Flow Efficiency and the Likelihood of Distal Upper Extremity
Comparison of 4 ID/AST Instruments for Work Flow and Upper Extremity Strain
Innovations in the Clinic Webnews
Preventive ergonomic strategies demonstrate substantial cost benefit for small to mid-size employers
"Careful planning, attention to detail ease ergonomics pitfalls"
"Ergonomics and the Entrepreneur"
"Ergonomics Risk Factor Matrix"
"Ergonomics and Quality”
"Quality in Workers’ Compensation Management”
“A Quality-Driven Ergo Purchasing Process”
Worksite International Ergonomic Worksite Analysis and Training
An Ounce of Prevention”
Point of View: The failing of Fed OSHA Ergonomics
“Federal Ergonomics Standard: Dead but not Buried”
“Becoming a Board Certified Ergonomist”
"Laboratory Ergonomics”
“Successful Outcomes ( across 6 Industries) of an Ergonomics Process using an Ergonomics Task Force”
“Hitting the Injury Iceberg”
“On the job Safety Starts At The Top”
Quoted in CTD news article
Ergonomic Worksite Analysis
“ Your Guide To Developing an Ergonomics Process”
“Three year follow-up" results to developing an Ergonomics Process Using an Ergonomics Task Force” “California Ergonomics Standard is New Growth Factor”
“Purchase and Use Guide to Ergonomic Furniture and Accessories”
“How To Develop An Ergonomics Task Force”
“ Preserving Employability”
“Growing A Consulting Business: Lessons in Patience and Persistence”
“Resolving to Manage Our Health.”
“Ergonomic Jobsite Analysis: The Critical Link in Return-To-Work”
“The CA Ergonomics Standard: Setting A Precedent for Federal Action”

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