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" Alison’s keynote address impressed and captivated both the delegates and other speakers on the subject of Participatory Ergonomics by clearly identifying the major issues. She also shared insightful solutions in how to achieve excellence via innovation in the prevention and management of work injuries. Alison has been a sheer pleasure to work with, both on a professional and personal level. Her upbeat personality and a can-do attitude made it all the more enjoyable. Alison is a dynamic presenter who is sure to add tremendous value at any relevant local or international speaking opportunity".

Mita N Parmar

Producer for IIR’s 13th Annual National Workers Compensation Summit, Melbourne Australia

Professional speaker (and trainer)

Speaking Opportunities


As a professional speaker (and trainer), Ms. Heller-Ono presents via the internet, nationally and internationally on ergonomics, injury prevention, workers’ compensation management strategies, and disability management. Alison is available for keynote presentations, symposiums, speaker panels, webinars and other events to offer your audience a unique perspective on how we work in today’s global economy. Alison believes that, “we all know how to do our jobs, but no one has every taught us how to work… safely”. And that “Ergonomics is not common sense. In order for it to be common sense, it must be commonly taught and commonly practiced… we’re just not there yet!”
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Workers' Compensation topics


Being Reasonable in WC and the ADA
The Future of Productivity: Total Absence Management Strategies
Innovative Workers’ Compensation Strategies
Controlling Workers’ Compensation Injuries as Your Workforce Ages
Extraordinary Ergonomics: Strategies to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs and Claims



Ergonomics & Injury Prevention Topics


Macro-ergonomics Saves Millions in Claim Avoidance
The Role of Ergonomics in Total Worker Health
Current Trends and Future Thoughts in Ergonomics
Half Truths and Flat Out Lies About Ergonomics



Disability Management Topics


Managing Workplace Disability Successfully.
Ergonomic Worksite Analysis: The Critical Link in Return to Work.
Secrets of Cost Effective Ergonomics and Workers Compensation.
Being Reasonable Under Title I ADA.
Ergonomics and the ADA.
Preserving Employability.
Disability Management Begins with Prevention- ADD
Integrated Absence Management: Because Lost Time Costs!



Here is what others’ are saying about Alison Heller-Ono

“Your presentations were great! And very much appreciated. Many of us returned to our desks and made significant changes in our chairs, keyboard trays, monitor heights and workstation arrangements. Thanks again for taking the time to work with us and for putting together such an engaging and informative Office Ergonomics training session”.

Dyan A.,

Health Program Director
“Alison is a great speaker who knows how to motivate and inspire her listeners”.

J. Shawn T.

San Disk
“A very good presentation today at the TWH Symposium. I wanted to compliment you on your presentation style. It was very good -- and made getting the information needed easy to the listener. You did a nice job of relaying the information in an easily digestible manner.”

Mari S.,

Program Manager Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness Integration at Black Hills Corporation
“I continue to receive only good feedback from the Hayward Team about the training. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been to several trainings on this topic in my life and I really enjoyed the Hands-on On-the-Job training you gave vs. sitting through tenths of slides for two hours of theory. We will definitely keep you in mind if any questions or future needs. Cheers!”.

Carlos F.,

Manager, Pilot Facilities and Operations



Recent Engagements.



October 2014, “The Role of Ergonomics in Total Worker Health”, 1st Int’l Symposium to Advance Total Worker Health, NIOSH/CDC
August 2014, “A Prospective Study of a Macro-ergonomics Process”, Nordic Ergo Society, Copenhagen, Denmark
February 2012, KEYNOTE: “Building a Safe and Healthy Work Culture through Participatory Ergonomics”, National WC Summit, Melbourne, AU.
August 2007, “Preventive ergonomic strategies demonstrate substantial cost benefit for small to mid-size employers”, PREMUS, Boston, MA



March 2016, “Chair Fit or Misfit”, OM CAL Showroom
December 2015, “Ergonomics Madness Workshop”, Cupertino, CA.
November 2015: “Fit or Failure: "How to Assess for Chair Quality and Comp
May 2015, “Current Trends and Future Thoughts in Ergonomics” Employers Insurance Group, Las Vegas, NV
September 2015, “Chair Fit or Failure”, PIBA Conference, San Leandro, ca
May 2015, “Half Truths and Flat Out Lies about Ergonomics”, CSOOC Annual Conference, Pacific Grove, CA
April 2015, “Ergonomic Risk Factors for Women in Today’s Workplace”, OMCAL Showroom, Cupertino, CA
arch 2015, “Macro-ergonomics Saves Millions in Claim Avoidance”, Bay Area ASSE, San Ramon, CA
March 2015, “The Role of Ergonomics in Total Worker Health”, DMEC Chapter Meeting, Walnut Creek, CA
July 2014, “Being Reasonable in WC and the ADA”, Employer Advisory Council –Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA.
June 2014, “Chair Fit or Failure”, Office Relief Lunch and Learn, San Leandro, CA.
April 2014, “The Future of Productivity: Total Absence Management Strategies”, 2014 HR WEST, Oakland, CA.
September 2013, “County of Monterey Ergonomics Successes”, 2013 Santa Clara Safety Seminar, San Jose, CA.
March 2013, “Ergonomics is Reasonable under the ADA”, Applied Ergonomics Conference, Dallas, Tx.
October 2012, “ Innovative Workers’ Compensation Strategies”, BAESG, Palo Alto, CA.
August 2012, “Controlling Workers’ Compensation Injuries as Your Workforce Ages” for BAER, APPLE, Cupertino, CA.
February 2012, “Controlling Work Comp Injuries as your Workforce Ages”, PARMA, Monterey, CA.
September 2011, “Extraordinary Ergonomics: Strategies to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs & Claims”, CA WC & Risk, CA.